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Summer Mood

Have a nice summer everyone!

After several difficulties we faced and still facing, we think it’s time to charge our batteries and come back in September! Besides, you have plenty

Beatdown Hardcore

Vibrations of… Beatdown Hardcore

(also known as Heavy Hardcore, Brutal Hardcore, Toughguy, or Moscore) The more you scream, the less right you are, and the bigger your arms are,

Alternative Metal

Vibrations of… Alternative Metal

(also known as alt-metal) As the knowledge of the materials increases, so does their use, but also the combinations between them. How it sounds Like

Percy Mayfield

A unique poet of… Blues

Often the history of music “hides” artists from the general public, either because they are not searching, or because they were not recognized enough. In

Psychedelic Soul

Vibrations of… Psychedelic Soul

(sometimes also called Black Rock) When you meet people different from you, creativity is one way. How it sounds Like the decade of the 70s


Vibrations of… Deathcore

Everyone at some point believes in a myth, the impression of lack of it is also a myth… How it sounds Like Rap with Growl

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